Motion SCS employs a combination of Volvo, Scania and DAF truck tractors complimented with purpose built tri-axle, superlink, lowbed and extendable trailers from both local (Ilcor, Afrit, SA Truck Bodies) and International (Faymonville, Goldhofer) suppliers. Our fleet is renewed annually, with truck tractors being replaced after 5 years and or 700,000km (whichever comes first) and boasts a growth rate of 25% per annum.


Current Truck Tractor Fleet: 45

Current Trailer Fleet: 60 (up to 100 ton)

Current LDV Fleet: 15

Current Forklift Fleet: 14 (3.5 ton to 18 ton)

Current Reach Stacker Fleet 3 x 45 ton


Motion SCS aims to benchmark its fleet as the leader in the heavy road freight industry, with an emphasis on routine maintenance checks and servicing, our production downtime due to mechanical failure is kept to a minimum. This equates to improved up-time on our deliveries for customers ultimately resulting in better efficiency across the supply chain.

Motion SCS is able to service, repair and rebuild its fleet in-house, as we are fully equipped with OEM certified diesel mechanics and trailer technicians. This core competence enables Motion SCS to limit maintenance costs which in turn filters down to our chargeable transport rates, an added benefit to our customers with even further reduction in costs.


Summary of benefits


- In-house servicing, repairs & maintenance

- Reduced costs & downtime for the customer

- Overall improvement on efficiency when compared to outsourced maintenance

- Young truck tractors and well maintained trailer fleet

- Added benefit for the MHPSA brand as cargo being carried on first class rigs




Owner Driver Elias with his paid off Fleet #70 Volvo truck tractor

Motion SCS believes in meaningful Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and one of the most successful ways of achieving this is through our Driver Empowerment Program.


Motion drivers with healthy long term service records are afforded the opportunity to partake in a Drive-To-Own program whereby their allocated vehicle is run as a stand-alone micro enterprise. Drivers in effect sub-contract their vehicle to Motion and execute full time service as an independent contractor.


The vehicle asset is financed by Motion, and paid back through driving work competed (as drivers are paid on a sub-contractor bases) with the aim of transferring ownership to the respective driver after a 5 year period.

Following transfer of ownership, the truck tractor becomes a paid up asset of the Owner Driver, who then has the option of continuing as a stand-alone business servicing Motion work, or leaving our stable to service his own customers.

This empowerment model has worked very well over the years, benefitting the drivers as they are empowered to build their own business by increasing their net worth with a valuable working asset, and benefitting Motion as our drivers end up taking more care of their truck tractors with the view that it will one day become their own vehicle with which they can use as a tool to earn money over and above their normal salary.


Motion SCS employs drivers with a depth of experience in the intricacies of abnormal road freight in South Africa. In addition to a pre-employment professional driving test, we subject our drivers to mandatory in-cab training with certified driver trainers.


Safety is always prioritised over productivity as our number one objective for operations, we would rather decrease our turnaround times to ensure that our drivers are focused and rested whilst behind the wheel. Periodic rest stops are strictly enforced to mitigate fatigue which is the number one precursor to road incidents.


Motion SCS currently provides drivers to AFROX OXYGEN LTD on a full time basis, arguably the most stringent company in the country with regards to driver competence and training. This achievement alone attests to the energy and focus we direct into our drivers competence levels, after all they are indeed the most vital part of any successful road freight business.

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